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Are YOU Experiencing ...

  HEFTY INVESTMENT for a brand new piano at home for a beginner?
  Difficulties in looking for an AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE used / reconditioned piano in Malaysia?
  NO IDEA where & who to look for when you need an experienced piano technician to repair, relocate, and/or tune your piano? 


Difficulties in finding a GOOD & RELIABLE instructor for piano learning or piano course?



Unable to allocate YOUR PREFERED TIME for your piano lessons especially during tight working schedule?



NO IDEA where to start, especially if you are just learning piano as a hobby? 



Insufficient piano SKILLS & TIME to provide your children with effective piano learning lessons.



Lacking of resources to FOCUS or improve on a particular piano skill like reading piano sheets, mastering piano chords, fingering basic, music notation or etc.

  Paying EXPENSIVE fees for a Private Piano Instructor.




Piano Malaysia is now offering a wide variety of AFFORDABLE Grand & Professional Upright piano for sale (both YAMAHA & KAWAI), Online Piano Lessons and Software reviews including side-by-side product comparison feature, ensuring you & your children are able to choose or select the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE piano products that suits your need.


All our ONLINE piano REVIEWS includes . . .

  Overall Product Rating


  Product Specification & Pricing


  Editor's Review

Product Features & Bonuses

  Video Product Presentation / Samples & Screen shots

 Reviewing the BEST in Piano Malaysia

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