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Piano and Keyboard Method Review | Piano Software Malaysia

Develop by :  eMedia Music Corp. Piano & Keyboard Method | Overall Rating

Design for :

Adults Beginner & Intermediate

Retail Price 


Media / Format :        CD Software  (compatible for both Windows PC & Macintosh)
Version :  ver.3 (Latest Software Version)  

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Editor's Review


This is the latest version of eMedia’s Piano & Keyboard Method software, a piano learning tool designed for adults beginner to intermediate. It is also our Number #1 editor's choice for piano software reviews. It contains everything you need to learn playing a piano, over 300 step-by-step well-designed piano lessons that covers both broad and deep. 

  Piano & Keyboard Method Review

Personally, I think this software has done an excellent job in helping beginners to start learning from the basics, such as hand position, rhythm, playing on black keys, reading music notation, sight reading, scales, and much more. All these techniques are demonstrated with over 70 Full-Motion videos.

Like My Piano, this software combines different media approach to provide the user with a fully multimedia learning system.  Video instruction, written music and features such as the animated keyboard and song highlighting has all contributed to speed up the learning process as well as making it a more enjoyable experience. You can also adjust the variable-speed MIDI tracks based on your own pace. Colourful MIDI accompaniments help make practicing fun!    

Interactive review and ear training quizzes help reinforce new concepts and develop your ear. In addition, the new Note Tracker shows you what note you're playing and makes learning music notation easy. This software also comes with a digital metronome and a recorder.

Piano & Keyboard Method has provided an email and phone support especially for those who need help while using the program. Instead of spending a big sum of money a year attending piano courses, now we have an option of learning it at a lower cost, and at our own pace. Besides, the course has covered all the necessaries and essentials contents for an adult beginner who needs to know.

Below are some of the product testimonials & video presentation taken from the developer's site. I hope  it will provide you with more information about this software.


Product Testimony #1:

This is very basic. If you have never played the piano, this product if for you. Also you have some knowledge of music and you want to be better musician, I will recommend you this product. It has interactive videos and samples of music what you are going to play. I love this software. 
                                                              from Vladimir Tamarez


Product Testimony #2:

This software is great to begin to practice, I have studied piano before, you always need a teacher and a schedule and practice, but nowadays without the necessary time, this tool offers a simple practice you can enjoy with around 300 lessons, being the first 70 very easy ones ( one handed slow pieces ).

Every time a lesson or song begins you can hear the teacher giving an insight about the song, which I particularly enjoy, it's not only practice but also about music periods, authors, styles, and the soft gives out that information to the student, to enrich the music experience.

Also you can see hear the teacher playing the piano and singing the song, and as the songs have the lyrics on them, you can practice singing along as well.

I look forward to continue practicing and once I dominate the beginners songs , I will definitely go for the intermediate advance piano software offered by emedia.

                                                                 from Snowman2010





Product Features


Over 300 Piano Course Lessons + 100 Play-along Songs.

  Integrated Note & Finger Tracker.
  Instance Feedback on Playing (Both Keyboard & Acoustic Piano).


Animated Keyboard & Instance Evaluation Feedback.

  Review & Ear Training.
  Piano Fingering & Guitar Chords.
  Live Recorded Audio & Viariable-Speed MIDI Setting.
  Progression Tracking & Keyboard Tips.


Built-in Metronome for Tempo Settings.


Built-in Digital Recorder.


 Screen Shots


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