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Piano Is Fun Review | Piano Software Malaysia

Develop by : Dr. Anthony Fernando  Overall Rating

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Media / Format :            Downloadable Software  (Windows PC Only)

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Editor's Review


Piano is Fun , a downloadable piano software created by Dr. Anthony Fernando. It is a simple piece of software program aimed to provide young kids / toddlers with FUN & EASY learning lessons - which can be benefited from a visual perspective approach. Colourful, interactive and intuitive interface makes the program very user-friendly. Ideal for parents (like myself), educators and piano teachers working with younger children (age between 3 to 12), this software is here for

Piano Is Fun | Piano Software Review

helping the children interested in self-motivational learning.

This software is easy to install, and the installation process is quick. It also has a very user-friendly interface. As long as your kids know how to navigate the page using a computer mouse, Piano is Fun is very simple for the kids to pick up, with very minor parents' guide. Overall, it has a pretty good quality animation with very neat interface designs, complete with 20 practical piano lessons teaching your kids the fundamental of piano playing. However, due to the limited content available in this program, it cannot be used as a sole teaching tool if the children wish to learn to the advance level of piano playing. 

Another benefit bundled with this software package is the FUN interactive games & exercises. The best part is that your children will be rewarded after completing each and every lesson. Personally, i think this is a great and very helpful feature in keeping our children motivated to move ahead to the next level.

Last but not least, with the advantage of 30 days Money Back Guarantee from the developer, you have no worries in  trying out Piano is Fun together with your children.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

+ Can I use "Piano Is Fun" with a MIDI Keyboard?
+ Is "Piano Is Fun" suitable for Adult Beginners?
+ Is "Piano Is Fun" Mac Compatible?

Below are product testimonials and video presentation taken from the developer's site. I hope  it will provide you with more information about this software.


Product Testimony #1:

Just wanted to let you know that after a year of searching for music software I could use with my piano students, I have finally found software that is fun, challenging, and rewarding - YOURS! Thank you so much!!
                                                 from R. Holden (Piano Teacher)



Product Testimony #2:

"I'm glad I purchased your music reading software for my daughter. It's helping her a lot and - she finds it fun"

                                                                from B. May (Parent)

Product Testimony #3:

I have really enjoyed having this program to help me learn the notes. I'm not a gifted player & must work hard to retain what I learn . I'm 60 years old but have always loved piano & now that I am retired can "TRY" to learn. Piano is Fun has helped so much. Thanks Very Much.
                                              from C. Drummer (Adult Beginner)



Product Features:


20 Step-by-Step Lessons


Interactive Exercises

  Quality Visual and Audio Presentation
  Practise Games that Teach
  Help Beginners Develop A "Musical Ear"


Collectible Rewards to Provide Motivation

Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallion Challenges

Printable Certificates

Custom Lessons

Record Tracking up to 50 Students

 Screen Shots:


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