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Piano Services | Piano Service Malaysia

We are providing professional piano services to our valuable customer too. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


Piano Tuning Service

It is recommended that a piano should at least be checked and tuned every 6 months. Tuning a piano is a process of adjusting the tension of each piano string so that the pitch of these strings sound properly to its ideal acoustic performance, in which our experienced tuners are very capable at.




Piano Rental Service

We have a wide selection of Upright and Grand pianos for rent to suit different purposes and occasions like weddings, parties, diploma examinations or even concerts of various scale. We have been renting out our grand pianos to many concerts performed by reknown pianist and singers from local (e.g. Fish Leong) as well as overseas (e.g. Jay Chou, Lee Hom, S.H.E., etc) during their performances in Malaysia



Piano Repair Service

We provide free inspections to our customers' piano and will advice our customers accordingly on parts that needs to be repaired or replaced (e.g.: broken hammers, rusted strings, etc).


Piano Relocation Service

We do provide relocation service for your piano from one location to another. With over 20 years of experience in handling and transporting pianos, we are very confident to assure you that your piano will be professionally taken care of and will always be in good condition during the shifting process.



Piano Packaging Service

We received many piano orders from our clients (both end users and dealers) from all over Malaysia and other countries. We ensure all our pianos are carefully packed and secured before delivering them to our clients.



Piano Full Restoration / Rebuilt Service

We have piano specialists whom are experienced in restoring both upright and grand pianos. A lot of old used pianos in the market have been successfully rebuilt and transformed them back to its pristine condition by us.


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