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Piano System Review | Piano Lessons Malaysia

Develop by :  Nate Bosch  Rocket Piano | Overall Rating

Design for :

Adult Beginner & Intermediate

Retail Price:     


Media / Format :                        6x DVDs, 2x CDs & 2x Lesson Book

Learn & Master Piano | Product Information  Piano Is Fun | Comparison

Editor's Review:

 Piano System Review

Piano System - a revolutionary home-based DVD piano lessons by Nate Bosch, the creator cum a veteran piano instructor who has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Prior to that, he has been touring round the world playing piano solo and with his own band, ‘Blue Rain’. His unique ‘Play by Ear’ learning approach has made this course a great success especially for beginners to understand easily the fundamental basics of playing a piano.

At a glance, you can easily differentiate how well and to what extend Nate has put in his efforts into this Piano System. All training lessons were recorded in High Definition, and professionally documented and presented in his DVDs, CDs and workbooks. 

I found that with the additional virtual animated keyboard & multi-angle camera views navigating throughout the lessons, it really makes the learning process much more effective & efficient, especially if you were experiencing hard time picking up the technique and skills by just watching someone playing on the piano. 

However, the course was only designed as a home-based study & learning in front of a television or computer screen. It maybe quite challenging for someone who own an upright or a grand piano. However, you can always use a keyboard to learn the lessons if you have one, or you can place a laptop or portable DVD player next to you when you are practising on a piano.

Piano System also comes with unlimited toll-free phone & email support system which I found very useful whenever we encounter problems. There is a small community site available for members only to answer on common questions. 

Comparing to our Number #1 editor choice, Learn and Master Piano, Piano System is more ‘Play Piano by Ear’ oriented (which I believe it may not be everyone’s choice especially for beginners), slightly better quality produced and much cheaper in terms of pricing. Meanwhile, Learn and Master Piano is more focusing on the fundamental basics, broader & deeper coverage on piano lessons & more beginners friendly. No doubt these courses are best of the best products available in the market; the choice between the two is very much depending on what you are looking for. 

In summary, with an excellent quality of physical products and teaching techniques delivered, Piano System is a great buy at an attractive price. Besides, you are entitled to a 90 days, 100% money back guarantee, which gives you ample time to evaluate the course.

Below are video presentation taken from the developer's site. I hope  it will provide you with more information about this course.







Product Features & Bonuses:


6 Instructional DVDs, with 2 Play-along VCDs, 2 Comprehensive Lesson Books.

  Step-by-Step Guidance from Basic to Advance piano playing techniques.
  Animated Virtual Keyboard & Multi-angle Camera views on How to play Piano (for better visual aid).
  Learn & Master the ability to play Piano by Ear of multiple genre.
  High Definition Videos & Quality Audios Recording
  Unlimited toll-free phone & email supports system.
  Online Community site (for Member's Only)
  Works on both Piano & Keyboard.

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