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Rocket Piano Review | Piano Lessons Malaysia

Develop by :  Ruth Searle   Rocket Piano | Overall Rating

Design for :

Adult Beginner & Intermediate

Retail Price


Media / Format :           Online Course / Lessons (Multimedia E-Books, Software & Audio Files)

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Editor's Review:


Rocket Piano  - one of the most popular piano lesson courses available Online, instructed by Ruth Searle, featuring everything you need in a full multimedia package specifically designed for home learning beginners with or without the knowledge of playing a piano.

In Rocket Piano, you'll discover there are lots of quality information including hundreds of sound files (MP3), pictures, diagrams, video lessons, and the most

  Rocket Piano | Piano Software Review

important, step-by-step professional piano instructions (E-books & Games) for you to learn how to read music, play by ear, fingering techniques, exercises, music notation and many more. Throughout these course, you will be tested on your knowledge on each lesson, thus, to track your progress.

However, Rocket Piano is not really a piano software that has MIDI-enable funtion like My Piano or Piano & Keyboard Methods. As a result, neither animated nor interactive keyboard features are available in this course. Besides, it is also highly recommended that you have high speed internet connectivity ready in order to avoid disconnectivity during the downloading process of large files required.

In my opinion, Rocket Piano is one of the risk-free piano lesson options to consider if you are looking for one. You can have a FREE TRIAL for an introductory piano course by just signing up your name and email address on the product website. Even if you have purchased Rocket Piano as your learning course, it also comes with a 60 days, 100% money-back guarantee without any hassle. 

For every purchase of this course, you will be entitling a life-long membership, which I think it is a plus point. New available contents or updates (new software, new E-book lessons, etc) are always accessible & downloadable from the member’s area. Rest assure that all these files are viewable and compatible with either a Windows PC or a Mac computer. 

I also found that their help supports system is very reliable & you can expect a fast response from them. You can either go through their FAQ area on common questions or directly submit a support ticket to them via email. 

Rocket Piano  is the ideal package for beginner pianists, especially if you are aiming on a budget perspective.  It may not be the best piano lesson recommended by us as compare to our Number #1 choice, Learn & Master Piano, but considering the price that we are going to pay, it is still the best of its class (downloadable piano learning materials) available at this moment. Why not give it a try? 

Below are product testimonials and video presentation taken from the developer's site. I hope  it will provide you with more information about this course.


Product Testimony #1:

I have already learned how to play my first Jazz song and I've only had Rocket Piano for a week! Thanks.
                                                  from Jeff Tallot (Adult Beginner)


Product Testimony #2:

Thanks so much for developing the Rocket Piano course. I am 53 and finally learning to play the piano. I am in the Beginners course and already can see that it is making a difference in my playing. You have a good system for teaching.
                                                from Nick Scott (Adult Beginner)






Product Features & Bonuses:


218 Step-by-Step Piano Lessons, with 57 Quality Videos & 133 Audio Files.

  Learn techniques for Many Genres.
  Help Beginners how to Read Music.

Learn how to "Play by Ear" Skill.

Fun Bonus Games & Software.

Work for Acoustic Piano or Keyboard.

 Screen Shots:


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