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Learn and Master Piano Review | Piano Lessons Malaysia

Develop by :  Legacy Learning  Rocket Piano | Overall Rating

Design for :

Children, Adult Beginner & Intermediate

Retail Price

Media / Format :           14x DVDs, 5x CDs & a Lesson Book

Learn & Master Piano | Product Information  Piano Is Fun | Comparison

Editor's Review:


Learn & Master Piano – the Number #1 editor’s choice for piano lessons reviews. This piano lesson is the most comprehensive home-based DVD course available to date and is designed and instructed by professional pianist, Will Barrow, a Grammy Award winning composer, recording artist, singer-songwriter, and an incredibly talented teacher. It contains a complete

Learn & Master Piano Review


professional-grade education program which consists of DVDs, a workbook and audio CDs. Every lesson was clearly explained and demonstrated with the superb 360 degree views, to ensure the know-how technique is being delivered to the viewer. Besides, Will Barrow will illustrate to the viewers from time to time on how to better understand chord progressions, along with how musical scales are built in a way that brings the audio tracks and music theory lessons to life.

In order to upkeep the overall performance & the efficiency of the course, Learning Legacy, the developer, is totally committed in ensuring all the videos & audios are recorded in its highest production qualities, not only to provide enjoyable explanations on important music concepts, but also help to solidify learning process in a more concrete way.  

Personally, I found that this course will absolutely benefit the children (above 8 & with the help of parents), adult beginners & intermediate pianists as everything contains within the workshops are properly laid out in an easy to follow manner, easy accessible by chapters, and with an additional split screen video feature showing you exactly what to do. 

Like the Piano System, Learn & Master Piano was only available in a DVD-based piano lesson where you will, and always need to have a DVD player or a laptop besides you during playback time. Unfortunately, there is no downloadable lesson available at this moment, making it more pricey when comes to purchasing the physical version. Nevertherless, you will still gain a lot of knowledge and skills from what you have paid. Imagining, you are paying to have a Grammy Award winner conducting piano lessons at your home, according to your own learning pace.  

There is a community site & email support available to assist you whenever you encounter any challenges or problems in learning the piano lessons. This is really a crucial service to have to ensure you will always on the track in learning how to play piano on your own. In addition, Learn & Master Piano does come with a 60 days, NQA (No Questions Asked) money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can simply return the course within 60 days for a full refund.

Below are the product testimonials and video presentation taken from the developer's site. I hope  it will provide you with more information about this course. 


Product Testimony #1:

Learn & Master Piano contains much more information than other courses by going beyond just learning how to play chords, teaching the student to play the right and left hands independently with reading notes, chords, and rhythms. Also, what elevates this course is the addition of basic music theory and ear training. Learn & Master Piano is exceptional when it comes to learning to play and contains everything a student needs to know to become proficient! Learn & Master Piano is THE course to own!
                                                                  from Cindy Johnson



Product Testimony #2:

The course is outstanding. I have tried and tried, but I cannot come up with a single way you could improve this course, other than to offer a Learn & Master Piano Part II! Will is an awesome teacher—he is easy to understand and he hits on so many important elements of learning to play the piano while also making it a lot of fun! I was thrilled to see Suzy Bogguss singing "Someone to Watch Over Me" as I personally am a huge fan! It is evident how much time and attention to detail went into producing this course, and how much Will's students' needs are considered, and I for one am very impressed! I also love how so many genres of music are incorporated into the course. I personally love all genres, and this makes it especially fun and inspiring for me. Congratulations on a job well done!
                                                        from Heather Jo Woodward






Product Features & Bonuses:


14 Instructional DVDs, with 5 Play-along VCDs & a Comprehensive Lesson Book.

  Step-by-Step Guidance from Basic to Advance Piano playing techniques (both Play by Ear & Reading Music).
  360 degree Piano training approach.
  Progressive Learning Stucture.
  Superb Online Support (Forum & Email) exclusively for Member Only.
  High Quality Videos & Audios Recording

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