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My Piano Review | Piano Software Malaysia

Develop by :  eMedia Music Corp. My Piano | Overall Rating

Design for :

Children (Age 5 & above)

Retail Price 


Media / Format :        CD Software  (compatible for both Windows PC & Macintosh)

My Piano | Product Information  Piano Is Fun | Comparison


Editor's Review


My Piano - FUN, EASY & EFFECTIVE piano software by eMedia, known to be one of the leading software developers in the industry. In my opinion, this product has far more features and richer content as compared to Piano is Fun.

And, to make the learning journey more interesting, the developer has integrated a talking animated character, Pam the Piano to guide your children throughout the  

   My Piano | Piano Software Review

lessons. It has over 100 Piano Lessons with Full-Motion high quality videos on proper hand position, note names, how to read music notation, play accompaniments and games.

This software comes with a CD and the installation is pretty straight forward. Overall, the software program looks decent and attractive for young learners to play along with. An animated keyboard helps to show your children via visual approach on where to put their fingers as the live recorded audio plays. With MIDI tracks, the speed of the music can be adjusted according to their own learning pace. Games that comes with the software and its interface are age appropriate and very user friendly.

In addition, My Piano does come with many great features including the ability to connect to a MIDI keyboard (optional), enabling your kids to provide feedback instantaneously. During the games, instead of correcting errors, the software congratulates your kids and allows them to move on. Thus, your kids will be encouraged and are keen to continue learning it.

I would highly recommend My Piano for those who wish to expose their kids to piano learning, but have difficulty in getting a good private piano teacher due to budget constraint or location limitation. Looking at the rich content delivered in this software and its effectiveness in piano learning, the price offered is considered reasonable. In fact, it is much cheaper than having a piano tutor present physically at your house. In short, My Piano is the perfect start to introduce your kids to the fun of piano learning. 

Below are product testimonials and video presentation taken from the developer's site. I hope  it will provide you with more information about this software.


Product Testimony #1:

I found this to be a great product in teaching kids to learn to play. I am 30 with no music abilities and I have learned to play part of a song in the first few mins. My daughter is 4 and she loves to watch and play the games at the end of each lesson. Then she goes to the keyboard and tries. I did not expect her to learn since it is recommended for age 6 and over, but the interest is there and she will learn someday
                                                          from T.Harrigan (parents)



Product Testimony #2:

I bought this for my 8 yr old. She really enjoys it. It's great for beginners and keeps her attention. The only drawback is being on the computer, but I knew that when I purchased it. My 6 yr old son also enjoys using this program. We haven't used the option where you can plug your keyboard in yet.
                                                          from Mommyof5 (parents)






Product Features


Over 100 Piano Course Lessons.

  Integrated with Colour-Coded Animated Keyboard.
  Interactive Feedbacks when using physical MIDI Keyboard.
  Full Motion Videos.


Interactive Games for Fun & Easy Learning.


Audio & MIDI Tracks.


Built-in Metronome for Tempo Settings.


Built-in Digital Recorder for Live Recording.


 Screen Shots


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