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Owning your Dream Piano at a Fraction of its Cost

All Japan imported used pianos, fully restored in tip-top condition.
SAVE up to 70% compared to brand new pianos.
Wide selection of pianos for beginners and professionals.
Nationwide delivery with 5 years Warranty (both parts and labor)*

*terms and conditions apply

We are committed to delivering genuine used pianos, with reliable & trustworthy professional services to all our customers

  • Affordable Piano Price, Why Spend More

    Huge saving between 50% to 70% of your investment on a brand-new unit, whether you are buying an upright or a grand piano.

  • Japan Imported As Used, Locally Restored & 100% Functional

    All pre-owned pianos are fully restored to their best possible pristine conditions. We inspect, restore, replace, regulate, fine-tuning, polish and QC before any piano delivery.

  • Peace of Mind, Shop with Confidence

    Each purchase unit comes with 5 years’ warranty, both parts and labour, with extensive nationwide after-sales support. For more details, read our Pre-Sales FAQs.

  • One-stop Piano Solutions Provider

    All under one roof – from piano distribution to repair, tuning and other piano services. Checkout our full range of services.

  • Wide Range of Choices Available, Restock on a Regular Basis

    One of Malaysia’s largest used piano supplier, with over 150 different models to cater for different users or purposes. Discover here – KawaiYamaha and Other Japan Piano Manufacturers.

  • Buy From A Reliable Piano Supplier

    Over 30 years of experience in the piano restoration industry since 1984, serving hundreds of satisfied customers especially students, expatriates, dealers and institutions

Latest Arrivals at Setapak Showroom

Pianos were last updated on Jul 19, 2018 @ 4:15 pm
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Latest Uprights
Latest Grands
  • Apollo A.5 Upright Piano
    Apollo A.5
  • Atlas AG-8 Grand Piano
    Atlas AG-8
  • Belton FU.22 Upright Piano
    Belton FU.22
  • Belton FU.33 Upright Piano
    Belton FU.33
  • Bockler AH-28 Upright Piano
    Bockler AH-28
  • Eterna E10 Upright Piano
    Eterna E10
  • Kaiser 10 Upright Piano
    Kaiser 10
  • Kawai CL-3 Upright Piano
    Kawai CL-3
  • Kawai GS30 Grand Piano
    Kawai GS-30
  • Kawai KG-6C Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-6C
  • Kawai KST-3 Upright Piano
    Kawai KST-3
  • Kawai KST-5 Upright Piano
    Kawai KST-5
  • Kawai NS-35 Upright Piano
    Kawai NS-35
  • Kawai NX40 Grand Piano
    Kawai NX-40
  • Kawai OP-25 Upright Piano
    Kawai OP-25
  • Kawai RX3 Grand Piano
    Kawai RX-3
  • Kawai US5X Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-5X
  • Kawai US60 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-60
  • Shigeru Kawai SK5 Grand Piano
    Shigeru Kawai SK-5
  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
    Yamaha C3 (2p)
  • Yamaha C5 Grand Piano
    Yamaha C5
  • Yamaha C7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano
    Yamaha C7
  • Yamaha G3 Grand Piano
    Yamaha G3 (2p)
  • Yamaha M1A Upright Piano
    Yamaha M1A
  • Yamaha P1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha P1
  • Yamaha U10A Upright Piano
    Yamaha U10A
  • Yamaha U10B1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha U10B1
  • Yamaha U1A Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1A
  • Yamaha U1E Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1E
  • Yamaha U1F Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1F
  • Yamaha U1G Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1G
  • Yamaha U1H Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1H
  • Yamaha U1M Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1M
  • Yamaha U2G Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2G
  • Yamaha U2H Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2H
  • Yamaha U30B1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha U30A
  • Yamaha U3M Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3M
  • Yamaha W103 Walnut Upright Piano
    Yamaha W103 (Walnut)

Popular Piano Services

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  • ABRSM Piano Classes
    Piano Lessons
  • Piano Tuning
    Piano Tuning
  • Piano Restoration & Repair
    Piano Repair & Restoration
  • Piano - Custom Paint Job
    Custom Paint Job
  • Piano Relocation
    Piano Moving
  • Piano Rental
    Piano Rental