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The piano is one of the most popular types of musical instruments in the entire world. Not only has it been played by world’s greatest musicians like Mozart and Beethoven, it is also the most commonly used instrument for many children and adults who want to start learning music today.

However, buying a brand new acoustic piano can be incredibly expensive, the price will most likely be the utmost barrier that stops you or your children from learning to play the piano. Not many of us are able to spend thousands of ringgits on a new piano, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

Therefore, we can always look for an alternative way, that is to find a used or reconditioned piano.

Benefits of buying a Used (Reconditioned) Piano

  1. Much affordable price – 50% to 70% cheaper compared to buying a brand-new piano.
  2. Perfect choice for beginners – offers better opportunity to first learn to play the piano before deciding on a more expensive upgrade
  3. Experience – similar level of quality and responsiveness of the action (key touch) is produced on a used piano if it is properly maintained or tuned.
  4. A better grade of materials used – Japan spec models are made of quality built-up materials, compared to some new entry level uprights and grand pianos.
  5. Very durable – with frequent care and maintenance, well-regulated action and proper restoration of the piano parts, a piano could easily last for over 20-50 years.

Being able to look for a better quality used or pre-owned piano for sale is not an easy task. One may need to spend hours searching from shop to shop for his or her ideal piano, which also requires a certain level of expertise in appraising a piano.

Hence, Piano Malaysia (one of the largest used piano supplier in Malaysia) is the right place to solve all your headaches.

Besides getting a 1-on-1 technical explanation session during your visit at Setapak showroom, we will also provide piano demonstrations and comparison assessment between pianos to ensure you are really getting the best possible unit within your available budget range.

Our entire collection of used pianos is imported from Japan, locally restored and 100% functional. These well-restored pianos are then distributed throughout Malaysia, and also to neighbouring countries like Singapore as well.

Below are a list of over 150 piano models (KawaiYamaha and Other Japan Made Pianos) that we carry and distribute.

To ease your piano selection, we had categorised them into brands and piano types.

Alternately, use the search below for quicker access, if you already know the piano model.

Kawai Piano models:

Filter Categories
Kawai Upright
Kawai Grand
  • Kawai AT-22 Anytime Upright Piano (Hybrid)
    Kawai AT-22
  • Kawai AT-32 Anytime Upright Piano (Hybrid)
    Kawai AT-32
  • Kawai BL-11 Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-11
  • Kawai BL-12 Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-12
  • Kawai BL-12 White Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-12 (White)
  • Kawai BL-31 Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-31
  • Kawai BL-51 Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-51
  • Kawai BL-61 Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-61
  • Kawai BL-61 Mahogany Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-61 (Mahogany)
  • Kawai BL-71 Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-71
  • Kawai BL-71 (Walnut) Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-71 (Walnut)
  • Kawai BL-71 White Upright Piano
    Kawai BL-71 (White)
  • Kawai BL-82 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai BL-82
  • Kawai BS-1A Upright Piano
    Kawai BS-1A
  • Kawai BS-20 Upright Piano
    Kawai BS-20
  • Kawai BS-25 Upright Piano
    Kawai BS-25
  • Kawai BS-2A Upright Piano
    Kawai BS-2A
  • Kawai CA40 Grand Piano
    Kawai CA-40
  • Kawai CA60 Grand Piano
    Kawai CA-60
  • Kawai CA60N Mahogany Grand Piano
    Kawai CA-60N (Mahogany)
  • Kawai CL-2 Upright Piano
    Kawai CL-2
  • Kawai CL-3 Upright Piano
    Kawai CL-3
  • Kawai CL-4E Upright Piano
    Kawai CL-4E
  • Kawai CX-5 Walnut Upright Piano
    Kawai CX-5 (Walnut)
  • Kawai CX-5H Upright Piano
    Kawai CX-5H
  • Kawai GE30 Grand Piano
    Kawai GE-30AT
  • Kawai GS30 Grand Piano
    Kawai GS-30
  • Kawai GS50 Grand Piano
    Kawai GS-50
  • Kawai HAT-7 Upright Piano
    Kawai HAT-7
  • Kawai K-2 Upright Piano
    Kawai K-2
  • Kawai K-5 Upright Piano
    Kawai K-5
  • Kawai KG1C Baby Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-1C
  • Kawai KG1E Baby Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-1E
  • Kawai KG2 Baby Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-2 (2p)
  • Kawai KG-2 Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-2 (3p)
  • Kawai KG-2 White Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-2 (White, 2p)
  • Kawai KG-2C Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-2C
  • Kawai KG-2C White Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-2C (White)
  • Kawai KG3 Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-3 (2p)
  • Kawai KG3C Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-3C
  • Kawai KG3D Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-3D
  • Kawai KG3N Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-3N (Ferrari Red)
  • Kawai KG5 Pearl White Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-5 (Pearl White, 2p)
  • Kawai KG5C Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-5C
  • Kawai KG-6C Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-6C
  • Kawai KG7D Semi-Concert Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-7D
  • Kawai KG8 Concert Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-8 (3p)
  • Kawai KS-1F Upright Piano
    Kawai KS-1F
  • Kawai KS-2A Upright Piano
    Kawai KS-2A
  • Kawai KS-2F Upright Piano
    Kawai KS-2F
  • Kawai KS-3F Upright Piano
    Kawai KS-3F
  • Kawai KS-5F Upright Piano
    Kawai KS-5F
  • Kawai KST-2 Upright Piano
    Kawai KST-2
  • Kawai KST-3 Upright Piano
    Kawai KST-3
  • Kawai KST-5 Upright Piano
    Kawai KST-5
  • Kawai KU-1 Upright Piano
    Kawai KU-1
  • Kawai KU-10 Upright Piano
    Kawai Ku-10
  • Kawai KU-1B Upright Piano
    Kawai KU-1B
  • Kawai KU-2 Upright Piano
    Kawai KU-2
  • Kawai KU-2B Upright Piano
    Kawai KU-2B
  • Kawai KU-2D Upright Piano
    Kawai KU-2D
  • Kawai KU-3 Upright Piano
    Kawai KU-3
  • Kawai KU-3D Upright Piano
    Kawai KU-3D
  • Kawai Ku-5 (White) Upright Piano
    Kawai Ku-5 (White)
  • Kawai Ku-5D Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai Ku-5D
  • Kawai Ku-7 Upright Piano
    Kawai Ku-7
  • Kawai M-132D Upright Piano
    Kawai M-132D
  • Kawai No.350 Grand Piano
    Kawai No. 350 (Thousand Cracks)
  • Kawai No500 Grand Piano
    Kawai No. 500
  • Kawai No.500 Pearl White Grand Piano
    Kawai No. 500 (Pearl White)
  • Kawai No.650 Pearl White Grand Piano
    Kawai No. 650 (Pearl White)
  • Kawai K20 Upright Piano
    Kawai No. K20
  • Kawai K20 White Upright Piano
    Kawai No. K20 (White)
  • Kawai K35 Upright Piano
    Kawai No. K35
  • Kawai K48 Upright Piano
    Kawai No. K48
  • Kawai K50 Upright Piano
    Kawai No. K50
  • Kawai K8 Upright Piano
    Kawai No. K8
  • Kawai K8 White Upright Piano
    Kawai No. K8 (White)
  • Kawai KS1 Upright Piano
    Kawai No. KS1
  • Kawai No. KS2 Upright Piano
    Kawai No. KS2
  • Kawai NS-10 Upright Piano
    Kawai NS-10
  • Kawai NS-15M Upright Piano
    Kawai NS-15M
  • Kawai NS-25 Upright Piano
    Kawai NS-25
  • Kawai NS-35 Upright Piano
    Kawai NS-35
  • Kawai NX40 Grand Piano
    Kawai NX-40
  • Kawai OP-25 Upright Piano
    Kawai OP-25
  • Kawai RX-1 Grand Piano
    Kawai RX-1
  • Kawai RX-2 Grand Piano
    Kawai RX-2
  • Kawai RX3 Grand Piano
    Kawai RX-3
  • Kawai RX5 Grand Piano
    Kawai RX-5
  • Kawai US-50
  • Kawai US55 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-55
  • Kawai US5X Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-5X
  • Kawai US60 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-60
  • Kawai US63H Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-63H
  • Kawai US65 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-65
  • Kawai US65 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-65 (White)
  • Kawai US6X Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-6X
  • Kawai US-70 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-70
  • Kawai US75 Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-75
  • Kawai US7X Upright Grand Piano
    Kawai US-7X
  • Shigeru Kawai SK5 Grand Piano
    Shigeru Kawai SK-5

Yamaha Piano models:

Filter Categories
Yamaha Upright
Yamaha Grand
  • Yamaha A1R Small Grand
    Yamaha A1R
  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
    Yamaha C3 (2p)
  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
    Yamaha C3 (3p)
  • Yamaha C5 Grand Piano
    Yamaha C5
  • Yamaha C7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano
    Yamaha C7
  • Yamaha CF Concert Grand Piano
    Yamaha CF
  • Yamaha G1 Grand Piano
    Yamaha G1 (2p)
  • Yamaha G2 Baby Grand
    Yamaha G2 (2p)
  • Yamaha G2 Pearl White Grand
    Yamaha G2 (Pearl White, 2p)
  • Yamaha G2A Baby Grand Piano
    Yamaha G2A
  • Yamaha G3 Grand Piano
    Yamaha G3 (2p)
  • Yamaha G3 White Grand Piano-g3-white-586
    Yamaha G3 (White, 2p)
  • Yamaha G5 Grand Piano
    Yamaha G5 (2p)
  • Yamaha G5 White Grand Piano
    Yamaha G5 (White, 2p)
  • Yamaha G7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano
    Yamaha G7 (3p)
  • Yamaha M1A Upright Piano
    Yamaha M1A
  • Yamaha MC108 Walnut Upright Piano
    Yamaha MC108 (Walnut)
  • Yamaha No20 Grand Piano
    Yamaha No. 20
  • Yamaha No25 Grand Piano (Pearl White)
    Yamaha No. 25 (Pearl White)
  • Yamaha No30 Grand Piano
    Yamaha No. 30 (The Royale)
  • Yamaha P1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha P1
  • Yamaha U10A Upright Piano
    Yamaha U10A
  • Yamaha U10B1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha U10B1
  • Yamaha U1A Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1A
  • Yamaha U1D Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1D
  • Yamaha U1D Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1D (White)
  • Yamaha U1E Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1E
  • Yamaha U1E White Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1E (White)
  • Yamaha U1F Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1F
  • Yamaha U1G Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1G
  • Yamaha U1H Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1H
  • Yamaha U1M Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1M
  • Yamaha U2D Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2D
  • Yamaha U2E Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2E
  • Yamaha U2G Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2G
  • Yamaha U2G Pearl White Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2G (Pearl White)
  • Yamaha U2H Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2H
  • Yamaha U2M Upright Piano
    Yamaha U2M
  • Yamaha U30B1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha U30A
  • Yamaha U30B1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha U30B1
  • Yamaha U3A Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3A
  • Yamaha U3D Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3D
  • Yamaha U3D (White) Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3D (White)
  • Yamaha U3E Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3E
  • Yamaha U3E Pearl White Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3E (Pearl White)
  • Yamaha U3F Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3F
  • Yamaha U3G Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3G
  • Yamaha U3H Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3H
  • Yamaha U3M Upright Piano
    Yamaha U3M
  • Yamaha U5 Upright Piano
    Yamaha U5D
  • Yamaha U7 Upright Piano
    Yamaha U7 (Walnut)
  • Yamaha UX Upright Piano
    Yamaha UX
  • Yamaha UX-1 Upright Grand Piano
    Yamaha UX-1
  • Yamaha UX-2 Upright Piano
    Yamaha UX-2
  • Yamaha UX-3 Upright Piano
    Yamaha UX-3
  • Yamaha UX10B1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha UX10B1
  • Yamaha UX30A Upright Piano
    Yamaha UX30A
  • Yamaha UX30B1 Upright Piano
    Yamaha UX30B1
  • Yamaha W102 Upright Piano
    Yamaha W102 (Mahogany)
  • Yamaha W103 Walnut Upright Piano
    Yamaha W103 (Walnut)
  • Yamaha W103 White Upright Piano
    Yamaha W103 White
  • Yamaha YUA Upright Piano
    Yamaha YUA
  • Yamaha YUS Upright Piano
    Yamaha YUS
  • Yamaha YUS3 Upright Piano
    Yamaha YUS3
  • Yamaha YUX Upright Grand Piano
    Yamaha YUX

Other Brands:

Filter Categories
Others: Upright Piano
Others: Grand Piano
  • Apollo A.5 Upright Piano
    Apollo A.5
  • Atlas AG-8 Grand Piano
    Atlas AG-8
  • Atlas AG500 Baby Grand Piano
    Atlas AG500 (Walnut)
  • Belton FU.22 Upright Piano
    Belton FU.22
  • Belton FU.33 Upright Piano
    Belton FU.33
  • Bockler AH-28 Upright Piano
    Bockler AH-28
  • Diapason 183G Grand Piano
    Diapason 183-G
  • Eastein No250 Grand Piano
    Eastein No. 250
  • Eterna E10 Upright Piano
    Eterna E10
  • Kaiser 10 Upright Piano
    Kaiser 10
  • Kreutzer Baby Grand Piano
    Kreutzer (Baby Grand)