Kawai Grand Piano

Kawai Grand Piano for Sale

Stable performance. Long term reputation by many teachers and institutions

Kawai Grand Piano was first seen in 1929. Kawai’s extraordinary built-up quality has earned them a place on many concert stages throughout the world, producing not just excellent tone and feel but outstanding finishing as well.

Kawai grands have been evolving over decades from No500/No600 to KG (most popular series) which were widely used among teachers and institutions [wiki]. The evolution continue to evolved from KG to GE, CA, GS, NX then to the current production RX, GX series,  featured with Millennium Action III, an advanced, light-weighted ABS action for improved tone, consistency and ultra-responsive touch.

Below are a range of pre-owned grand piano models that we carry and supply. Due to lower market supply/demand compared to uprights and limited space issues, not all models are now in stock and readily available for viewing.


Kawai Piano Price is often determined by the model, production year, restoration work and the overall quality (sound and touch) of an individual piano.

Therefore, please choose a piano that best suits your purpose as a beginner, for teaching purposes etc

Kawai Grand models: