Kawai Upright Piano

Kawai Upright Piano for Sale

Space saving Vertical-type piano. Ideal for homes and beginners.

Kawai Upright Piano are manufactured using the world’s most advanced “Actions,” where “Actions” are a major section of a piano consisting of a system of levers that move a felt hammer to strike the strings when a key is depressed.

All Kawai uprights are well designed to deliver extraordinary performance and ultra-responsive to the piano lovers’ touch and feel.

On Piano Malaysia website, we only display a list of Kawai pre-owned upright models such as K, KS, KU, BL, CL, NS, BS and US Series ranging between heights of 48″ to 52″.

Most units will be restocked frequently, some are limited and hard to find models. A preorder is required if the search model isn’t available for sale.

Occasionally, we do import both smaller Console (e.g K-2, CL-4E, etc) and Studio (e.g KST-3HAT-7, CX-5, etc) pianos to cater for beginners, budget users  and/or to place in tight small rooms.

In general, pianos are clearly differentiated by their size, quality, appearance and cost. The benefits of owning a larger upright are always associated with a better and richer sound produced as compare to a smaller model.

For concert grade specifications, you may want to checkout these Upright Grand models e.g K-48BL-71, US-50 etc. They looks pretty identical to one another. Each comes with a large music desk and finger-mirroring fallboard, mimicking the look of a grand piano cabinetry.

Be rest assured that all the available used upright pianos listed here are fully restored and tuned to excel in any piano examination, auditorium, school and for other institutional purposes.


Kawai Piano Price is often determined by the model, size, production year, restoration work and the overall quality (sound and touch) of an individual piano.

Therefore, please choose a piano that best suits your purpose as a beginner, for teaching purposes etc

Kawai Upright models: