Yamaha Grand Piano

Yamaha Grand Piano for Sale

The ultimate expression of piano maker’s art. Indeed, a world-class acoustic piano for over a century.

Yamaha Grand Piano was first built in the early 1900 and today, Yamaha is known to be one of the world’s largest grand piano manufacturer, providing design to build grand pianos for concert halls, international piano competitions and many other professional and non-professional performances.

Yamaha has produced many piano models for their baby grand and grand piano series. Refer a full list here at [wiki]. Each of these pianos is differentiated by their size, performance quality (sound and touch), finishing and price. Generally, a Yamaha baby grand (size shorter than 6 feet) is much more affordable and smaller compared to its bigger brother.

We have a variety of affordable used (pre-owned) grand pianos for sale at PianoMalaysia.com, mainly Numeric (e.g. No.20, No.25), G, C and CF model series.

Due to lower market supply/demand compared to uprights and limited space issues, not all models are now in stock and readily available for viewing.


Yamaha Piano Price is often determined by the model, sizes (baby grand, grand or concert grand), production year, restoration work and the overall quality (sound and touch) of an individual piano.

Therefore, please choose a piano that best suits your purpose as a beginner, for teaching, etc.

Yamaha Grand models: