Custom Paint Job

Custom Paint Job

Exclusive, Unique and Looks Cool!

Custom paint on a piano is becoming more demanding and trendier as ever before, especially among artists, IDs, designers and younger age groups. We have been approached numerous times by piano owners to help them change their pianos cosmetically.

We have clients who wanted it to be:

  • full body metallic or solid colours e.g. Pearl white, Apple green, Ferrari red etc.
  • retro or designer style with either Glossy or Matte finishes, and
  • crazy effects like Glow-in-the-dark, Blinking pink or even Hyper gold/silver etc.

Our experienced paint master can help furnish your dream piano with some of the above custom paint jobs. Talk to us and we can discuss further on it.

  • Kawai No.350 Grand Piano
    Kawai No. 350 (Thousand Cracks)
  • Yamaha No30 Grand Piano
    Yamaha No. 30 (The Royale)
  • Kawai KG3N Grand Piano
    Kawai KG-3N (Ferrari Red)
  • Yamaha U1D Upright Piano
    Yamaha U1D (White)