Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning

An act of adjusting minute string tension of an acoustic piano.

Tuning a piano is a process of adjusting the tension of each piano string so that the pitch of these strings sound properly to its ideal acoustic performance.

How often should my piano be tuned?
Answer: At a minimum, a used piano should be tuned at least once a year. Most professionals do suggest getting it tuned once every 6 months.

How long does it take to tune my piano?
Answer: It really depends on how badly the piano was out of tune and also the tuner’s experience. A general rule of thumb, the tuning process should be completed within 30min to 2-hour range.

What causes my piano to be out of tune easily?
Answer: Possible changes in the surrounding temperature and humidity, and settling of the piano itself. Sometimes, it may also be due to frequent piano relocation, extreme usage or playing extraordinary hard on it. At worst, it can be caused by technical faults e.g. loose tuning pins.

What is your piano tuning rate within Klang Valley areas:

  • All types of upright pianos – MYR140 per service
  • Baby grand to semi-concert grand pianos – MYR200 per service
  • Concert grand pianos – MYR270 per service

Please note that the above prices were last updated on Oct 28, 2022 @ 9:52 am. We suggest you contact us to get our latest tuning price.

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