Yamaha Piano Serial Number

Yamaha Piano Serial Number

Find piano age, production year and where your Yamaha piano was manufactured

Note: All Yamaha pianos sold in Malaysia were mainly produced and manufactured in either :

  • Hamamatsu, Japan
  • Jakarta, Indonesia

Pianos made in Hamamatsu, Japan

Most of these models were imported in used condition by individual technicians, music centres and piano stores in Malaysia.

* Kindly visit any authorised Yamaha Music Store near you, if you’re to purchase a brand new Japan spec model.

Pianos made in Jakarta, Indonesia

Available either as brand new units sold throughout authorised Yamaha Music Stores or resale as used units in the secondary market in Malaysia.

Usually the serial number begins with “J”. For grand pianos it will be GB1, GB1K, etc

source: https://usa.yamaha.com/support/finding_age_of_yamaha_piano/index.html